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Kwai, Free app that pays you to watch short videos [2023]

    Kwai app

    You may have never used Kwai, but you know for sure that it is an app for watching videos like TikTok, since recently it appears a lot in YouTube ads and on various web pages with Google ads it means that it is not a very popular app yet, but it does offer an interesting suggestion: it pays you In exchange for watching videos in it. Of course, you will wonder to yourself… Is Kwai a reliable app? Can you really make money watching videos on Kwai?

    Definition of Kwai

    Kwai is a Chinese app owned by Beijing Kuaishou Technology. In the first half of 2020 alone, the app made $3.6 billion, more than half of what it made last year. On the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the company that developed this app was worth $159 billion (much more than titans like Twitter, for example, which is worth $45 billion). It is estimated that the app already has more than 300 million users worldwide, although the app itself says they have 700 million users.

    What is Kwai?

    Kwai is an app where you can watch, share and create funny short videos… It’s a version of TikTok. In fact, it has a very similar interface to it, but it is a little more saturated and the performance is slightly worse. At the moment, the main content in the app is from Latin America, as the app has implemented a very aggressive advertising campaign focused on this market.

    the app divides its interface into two main sections: Discover and For you. The first section will show you the most popular videos in your area in gallery format, while the second section will show you the videos that the algorithm has chosen for you according to your tastes. In the “For you” section, the videos appear in a carousel so you can skip them by swiping up or down on the screen. All Kwai videos have a button to share them directly on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

    How to make money in Kwai?

    In Kwai you can earn money in 3 different ways: watching videos, creating videos and recommending the app with a referral link (only available for Latin America). This last option is interesting, since not only will they pay you to get other people to download Kwai, but they will also give you a small commission for your referrals’ activity on the platform during their first month.

    To earn money watching videos (a feature that is not currently available in all countries), simply log into the app and register with an account. Once you log in, every time you watch a video, you will see a gold coin at the top indicating that you are earning. They will also give you some gold coins to enter the app daily.

    You can try it here: